Worldwide, nearly 150 billion new banknotes are printed annually to replace those that have been deemed unfit due to soiling and wear. Considering the costs associated with removal and destruction of unfit currency and the manufacture of new banknotes, governments spend nearly $10 billion annually to maintain circulated currency at acceptable levels of fitness.

Spectra has developed a banknote cleaning solution designed to reduce costs of replacement by extending the life of banknotes.  The Aeris™ banknote cleaning system lifts sebum and other substances from the banknote through a dry process which is based on supercritical CO2 cleaning. Additionally, hazards such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins are neutralized, thereby providing protection for processing staff.

Aeris System Banknote Cleaning Technology

Aeris System

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Evaluation Program for Central Banks

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BDS-1000 Banknote Disinfection System

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