Spectra Systems is an established world leader in providing security technology that includes software and advanced materials for use in banknotes, product authentication, and gaming.

Spectra provides integrated solutions comprised of engineered materials for authentication and hardware and software systems which verify the unique signatures of the authentication materials.  Through a series of strategic supply and licensing agreements with governmental, institutional and corporate partners, we have become industry leaders in the currency and document authentication markets, and one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-speed currency authentication sensors. Our dedication to tackling our customer’s most pressing challenges fueled the development of the world’s first banknote cleaning technology. Spectra’s Aeris™ system can remove oils and other contaminants from banknotes in circulation, protecting processing staff from hazardous contaminants and extending the life of banknotes which can save central banks up to $10 billion dollars annually.

Spectra’s solutions are also used for authenticating and tracking well-established consumer branded products such as energy drinks, shampoo, wine, spirits, and tobacco.

Spectra’s security software also provides secure Internal Control Systems to U.S. and international lotteries including Norsk Tipping in Norway, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia and 15 U.S. lottery jurisdictions. Spectra Systems is an associate member and active participant in the North American and Provincial Lottery Association (NASPL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA).

Spectra is experienced in providing service and support of its systems in authentication, tracking and gaming systems to all its customers. Our dedicated staff of service engineers, supported by a complete development team is always ready to address our customers’ needs.