TruStamp™ provides smartphone-based physical authentication of excise tax labels for tobacco, spirits and other taxable items. Embedded in printed and holographic tamper-proof labels, TruStamp™ presents a covert signature for analysis on smartphones, which detect a taggant signature. That signature is then transmitted via the internet to a secure server for authentication of the captured signature.  This new breakthrough technology is based on physical signatures from specific taggants and is chemically and physically robust under all conditions.  As tax stamps are scanned in the field,  scan results and geographic location can be captured using the integrated TruTrack app, which provides valuable data for analysis by excise tax revenue authorities.

Enable your customers to verify tax stamp authenticity with a smartphone in seconds and eliminate the need for reader devices. Apps are provided for both popular smartphone operating systems: iPhone OS and Android OS.

TruStamp™ apps can also provide QR capture to support track and trace GPS software for a complete end-to-end solution. These track and trace applications will follow products and individual items along the legal supply chain in order to identify at which point they are diverted into the illicit distribution chain and to aid in the investigative process.


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