Our covert and overt security features in banknotes play an important role in protecting governments from a variety of counterfeiting sources. We invent, develop and manufacture integrated authentication solutions, some of which are exclusive to central banks. These integrated solutions comprise a system of taggant materials and sensor technology used to authenticate banknotes at high processing speeds. Our Level III authentication solutions are used by 20 central banks, including two G7 banks. Our covert materials are also used by one G7 country for passport security.

Spectra’s software and hardware systems include high-speed currency authentication sensors. Central banks use the sensors to authenticate up to 40 banknotes per second with error rates of less than one in 100,000. We also develop the necessary quality control equipment for use in paper and polymer banknote manufacturing and printing with our engineered taggants. Our taggants are available in several forms and can produce unique signatures and codes in or on paper, polymer, and hybrid substrates.

Our high-performance luminescent materials are used as components in security threads and inks for the banknote industry.

As we develop new covert and overt materials, we welcome central banks and industry experts to collaborate with us in the development and commercialization of new authentication solutions.


We are continually in the process of commercializing new generation overt and covert security features, both independently and collaboratively with central banks and commercial partners.


We have a full suite of secure facilities for the development of taggants and authentication sensors.


Extending the lifecycle of banknotes and protecting processing staff against bacteria, viruses, and toxins, Spectra offers the world’s first banknote cleaning system that removes soiling agents using a dry process that does not compromise substrate, security features or print.

Banknote Security

Banknote Cleaning