Aeris™ Banknote Cleaning System Evaluation Program for Central Banks Spectra Systems offers an evaluation program, at no cost to central banks and cash processing organizations, to test the efficacy of Aeris™ for decontaminating and extending the life of banknotes.

The program involves the bank’s selection of a range of banknotes in circulation with different soiling levels, which will be characterized before and after cleaning such that measured results can be used for assessment of cost savings and processing staff health safety. Spectra will deliver a detailed report on all findings under established conditions of confidentiality.

Test Parameters:

  • Soiling level and diffuse reflectance
  • Print contrast
  • Security features (level I, level II, level III)
  • Limpness
  • Relative rates of soiling
  • High-speed machine sorting
  • Contaminant removal (bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals)
  • Odor

Upon notification of a bank’s interest to conduct a trial, Spectra will then collaborate with the bank to initiate the program and establish the confidentiality criteria. To obtain more information or request initiation of a trial program, please contact Jim Cherry at cherry@spsy.com or select info@spsy.com.

Aeris System

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