SpectraGuard formulations are customized taggants (chemical markers).  When combined with SpectraGuard readers, SpectraGuard provides secure covert authentication solutions. Once mixed into commercial inks, coatings or varnishes the taggants are undetectable except with a specially engineered reader, making the solution truly covert.

SpectraGuard utilizes the analytical technique of spectrophotometry to identify tagged items from untagged ones.  This distinguishes genuine products and documents from counterfeits.

SpectraGuard readers operate across the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared wave spectrum providing a wide analysis range.  The design of our readers allows us to choose both the excitation wavelengths and detection parameters for each taggant in our special signatures.  Any readings that fail to match the code profile at any one of the data points will cause a “reject” indication from the reader.


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