Spectra Systems is an established world leader in the development, manufacture, customer supply and support of advanced materials and software/hardware systems used to protect against fraudulent transactions involving payments, border crossing, excise revenue, government agency operations, product supply chain, and lottery/gaming systems.

Spectra’s authentication product range comprises security features and sensors used by product manufacturers and government agencies to provide the highest levels of protection for their end products. Through a series of strategic supply and licensing agreements with governmental, institutional, and corporate partners, we have become industry leaders in authentication solutions for currency, security documents, branded products, and one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-speed currency authentication technology used by two G7 countries.

Spectra’s latest innovation led to the launch of FusionTM, the industry’s first polymer banknote substrate that has a machine-readable taggant integrated within the film itself, thereby protecting against counterfeiters’ use of commercially available polymer film.  In addition, our research on health risks associated with the handling and processing of cash led to our design and development of the BDS1000TM and AerisTM banknote disinfection and cleaning systems which neutralize viruses and pathogens at extremely high throughput rates.

Spectra’s security software provides secure Internal Control Systems to U.S. and international lotteries including Norsk Tipping in Norway, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia and 15 U.S. lottery jurisdictions. Spectra Systems is an associate member and active participant in the North American and Provincial Lottery Association (NASPL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA).

Through our recent acquisition (22 December 2023) of Cartor Security Printers, Spectra Systems produces finished postage stamps, excise stamps, ID cards, and secure documents through their innovative conversion of security paper, polymer substrates, inks, and advanced optical materials.  Cartor’s unique capabilities enables Spectra Systems to deliver a full range of solutions from individual security components to finished, high security printed products.

Spectra is experienced in providing its customers with quality service and support for all its products. Our dedicated staff of service engineers, supported by a complete development team is always ready to address our customers’ needs.