The Premier Integrity internal control system is the industry’s most advanced ICS offering real-time protection. Since its introduction, Premier Integrity ICS has quickly become the preferred control tool of lotteries around the world.

Premier Integrity ICS Benefits and Advantages:

  • Fully automated independent real-time monitoring
  • Supports both online and instant lottery games
  • Monitors online systems from all major vendors
  • Accurate tracking of game sales, winners, and outstanding liabilities
  • Timely identification, tracking, and resolution of problems
  • User-friendly, easy and intuitive graphical user-interface
  • Performs verification and validation checks in real-time
  • Automatically generates and prints reports
  • Automatically alerts operator in real-time of potential failures
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Many jurisdictions require that an independent control system is in place to meet consumer assurance requirements. Premier Integrity meets regulatory requirements and ensures that data protection and privacy obligations are maintained for the gaming operator. Premier Integrity is a recognized – and often required – component in a regulatory compliance framework.

  • Approved and in use for MUSL auditing
  • Approved and in use for Euro-Million Rapid Audit

While Premier Integrity is performing its audit of the transaction feed, it is also compiling information about your business in real-time. You can get a snapshot of your current financial status or a picture of sales trends for the day.


The Premier Integrity Pari-mutuel Monitoring System is a powerful, secure and independent application that meets the demanding monitoring and auditing requirements of the Pari-mutuel industry. The Premier Integrity Pari-mutuel Monitoring System monitors every wagering transaction flowing through the totalizator system in real-time to independently provide checks on the validity of each transaction, calculation of payout prizes, and confirmation of winning tickets. Premier Integrity provides a centralized database of wagering information that makes it easy to share data across the industry and makes it cost-effective to comply with pari-mutuel regulation.

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