TruBrand™ enables your customers to verify product authenticity with a smartphone, which detects a taggant signature. Embedded in printed and holographic labels, TruBrand presents a covert signature for analysis on smartphones. TruBrand authentication can be used for a variety of products such as labels for tobacco, spirits, footwear, apparel and other taxable items.

The authentication coating is easily applied during the manufacturing processes of holograms, printed tax stamps, and product labels and is compatible with thermal application or sewing labels to products.

The TruBrand app allows authentication of labels and holograms with a physical signature using iPhone & Android smartphones. The smartphone, running the TruBrand app captures the signature and transmits it via the internet to a secure server, which runs the authentication algorithms and reports back to the phone as to whether the item is authentic or suspect.

The label can be designed for all products using flexible plastic, paper or fabric label surfaces and will support multi-color print, background and holograms that are robust chemically and physically.

TruBrand QR code capture is also supported for cloud-based track & trace software for a complete end-to-end solution using our TruTrack™ cloud software and brand owners can customize the app solutions with graphics and messaging.


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