With a team of world-class scientists and engineers focusing on the physical and photonic properties of materials for authentication, Spectra Systems designs and develops solutions that deliver multiple levels of security and enable manufacturing companies to control products in process and detect defects in real-time.  Our application areas of focus include:


Product Security

Our security materials are designed as part of a complete solution, whereby the authentication of the material requires the combination of the unique codes and physical properties of the material with the complex interrogation methodology of the authentication system.

We provide high-performance optical materials designed specifically for multi-level authentication.  Our security materials are integrated into inks, coatings, and substrates such as textiles, polymer and paper, providing secure codes for authentication of currency, tax stamps, passports, product packaging, holograms, and labels.  Formulations of our materials are proprietary to Spectra Systems, not disclosed to the public, and are not commercially available from other sources.  Our materials are designed and engineered to meet or exceed industry hazard resistance standards.


Quality Control and Product Quality Inspection

To ensure proper addition of our security materials in inks, coatings, and substrates, we offer sensing systems that measure the quantity of material added in real-time at critical stages of the process.  This enables immediate feedback such that adjustments can be made to ensure addition rates are kept within defined tolerances.

In addition to our materials for security applications, we offer a range of materials with optical properties that enable real-time inspection of in-process product manufacturing to quickly detect a non-conforming product.

Our Products

Optical Materials


Our luminescent pigments and dyes have chemical and optical properties that address requirements of security and manufacturing quality control applications. These materials are embedded in inks, coatings, adhesives, and substrates as components of banknotes, passports, IDs, and labels. They are also used for marking materials in a way that enables inline quality control of products during the manufacturing process.

Banknote Scan
Gasochromic Powder


Our invisible pigments and dyes are part of a complete covert authentication system comprised of customized coded materials and handheld authentication devices.

Multisure Technology
Gasochromic Technology


Spectra’s gasochromic response materials are a new UV-dull paper-borne security feature.  It is a gasochromic material that can be embodied in a variety of fiber materials commonly used in security paper. The UV fluorescence of these unique materials is activated by a gas stream impinging upon the paper.  This action results in an increase in intense fluorescence which can be spectrally authenticated for machine detection.

Gas Application