The Lock Down Alternative (LDA) is an option to eliminate the need for a lockdown condition if there is an imbalance of ICS and CGS results after winner selection.  This LDA module performs checkpoint verification at fixed intervals throughout the daily sales and will quickly narrow the range of transactions to investigate if there is an imbalance at draw close or after winner selection.

Premier Guardian is a new module developed to constantly query and protect the production code of the ICS from being changed/altered after UAT is complete. It is GLI certified and operated independently of the ICS system. It is anticipated that this function will become a MUSL requirement.

The offered option of the Scratch/Instant Ticket Module compiles information with respect to all instant ticket related transactions provided in the transaction feed. This includes the collection of data relating to sales, retailer related info, inventory management, update to instant/scratch inventory and ticket validation. In addition, just as is the case with online games, this data collection and reporting can be provided and reported in real-time including sales and cash balances.

Retailer Management is an offered option that supports activity tracking by retailer for traditional draw based lottery games. It maintains counts and amounts of sales, cancels, discounts and validations by retailer, as well as supports activity tracking by retailer for instants/scratch, including maintenance of counts and amounts of validations.

The Retailer Management Module provides the following functionality:

  • Maintain database of all retailers
  • Create new retailers by processing online transactions
  • Modify necessary retailer information by processing online transactions
  • Disable retailers by processing online transactions

Premier Dashboard is the new option that allows real-time secure, read-only monitoring of the ICS system – at a glance. It is designed to be used across multiple tablet computers (Surface or iPad) or smartphones on a secure wireless intranet and allows the lottery staff to check that status of all games as tasks on the production ICS system. Dashboard is MUSL compliant and requires a separate proxy server and includes an Oracle database license.

As a future offering with Premier Dashboard, we intend to develop and offer a security investigation option. This option will allow the Lottery Security staff to query and access ticket history for a specific wager without needing access to the production ICS.

The RNG Audit Module option provides real-time logging of all RNG log activity and compares results to the real-time feed support from the Central Gaming System.

The ICS reporting and API integration systems allow for convenient integration with lottery back-office systems. Several existing back-office features are available with accounting interfaces, retailer reconciliation, marketing data mining, broadcast/media interface and support for other various lottery departments. Data Interfaces are communicated as integrated files (using Secure FTP or network access) or via real-time API’s. Other supported interfaces include CSV, XML, HTTP, email, and SMS.

Premier ICS

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