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VLT/Slot Monitoring Solutions

VLT/Slot Monitoring Solutions The Integrity VLT/Slot Monitoring System would operate for the benefit of the VLT/Slot monitoring regulatory board and for the VLT/slot operator - providing a complete independent view of all gaming activity while supporting their need for regulatory compliance monitoring as well as independent auditing of net revenue and prize payout. The system would also provide real-time messaging and alerting, based on rules and parameters defined by the regulator. As well, it would independently monitor progressive jackpot pools and the enabling/disabling of machines.

The Integrity VLT/Slot Monitoring System would interface with the onsite system provided by the slot vendor allowing the Integrity Monitor to receive process and store all slot related transactions in real-time system. The monitoring system would also maintain its own independent database of the gaming information, providing a separate off-line source of this information for customized reporting, investigative purposes, or auditing.

The Integrity VLT/Slot Monitoring System would be responsible for:

By maintaining an independent monitoring system with different hardware, software and operations staff, the betting public can be assured of the integrity of the gaming environment by mitigating the following key risk factors involved in such betting: Integrity VLT/Slot Monitoring System Benefits and Advantages