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Spectra ColorShift Long / Short UV Fluorescent Coatings

Spectra ColorShift

SpectraShift™ Coatings are available in water-base varnish, lacquer, or adhesive matrices. After application and drying, these coatings fluoresce one color when illuminated by a longwave UV light source and fluoresce a different color when illuminated by a shortwave UV light source. The coatings can be machine read for color match at each condition.

The film body color under ambient light is translucent to opaque, depending on the pigment concentration and the applied thickness of the coating on the finished packaging. Recommended film thickness (dry basis) is up to 0.03 mm.

Depending on colors and matrix selected, the coating is supplied as either a one-part or a pre-measured, two-part system. Fluorescent intensity is a function of pigment concentration (customer specifies) in the coating.

Download SpectraShift™ spec sheet (pdf)