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Secure Transactions

Spectra's Integrity Product Group

Spectra's Integrity product group is the leading supplier of real-time auditing, fraud control, and risk management systems to government sanctioned gaming operators. Currently deployed in North America, Europe, and Asia, Integrity systems monitor and audit more than US $25 billion in annual sales for lotteries and pari-mutuel organizations.

Spectra's Integrity group is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a leader in the gaming software security industry of the secure Internal Control Systems (ICS) segment with international and US lotteries.

ICS is a secure, high speed data platform which plays a critical independent security role in auditing online lottery and many other gaming systems including pari-mutuel platforms. ICS provides tools for fraud detection, money laundering, and statistical analysis and has many existing parallel applications used by the securities exchange industry. The independent services provided by Spectra Integrity are used to independently verify the accuracy of transactions logged by providers of lottery and gaming services worldwide, including Intralot, Scientific Games, IGT and Neopollard.

The Spectra Integrity internal control system is the industry's most advanced ICS offering for real-time protection. Since its introduction into the market, Integrity ICS has quickly earned the confidence of its users and has become the preferred control tool of lotteries around the world.

The Spectra Integrity ICS is a completely automated, totally independent internal control system that ensures the integrity of the lottery games by logging and validating all transactions against the game rules, and by detecting and flagging any transactions that violate such rules in real-time. The Integrity application software resides solely on the ICS computer hardware and provides independent sales figures and winning number verification for all online and instant lottery games. The Integrity ICS is fully capable of processing transaction data in both real-time and from off-line media produced by the online gaming computer.

Spectra Systems - Leadership in Transaction Security Solutions
Since Spectra's inception, the Company's strategy has been to commercialize technologically advanced security solutions. Prior to the strategic acquisition of the ICS business for regulated gaming markets, the company has penetrated the currency and document security markets through a series of supply and licensing agreements with governmental, institutional and corporate partners. The Company has focused on the commercialization of technologically advanced security products, both covert and public, for banknotes, passports and other high value documents. Spectra Systems provides an integrated solution, in that it supplies engineered materials for authentication and processing purposes, as well as hardware and software systems which verify the unique signatures of the authentication materials. Our customers include a G8 central bank organization and one of the world's largest commercial security printers and papermakers, which supplies the Company's technology to a second G8 central bank and numerous other central banks.