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Spectra Systems Wins One Plus Nine Years Contract For Its New Premier Lottery ICS Services

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectra Systems Corporation (LSE:SPSY.L) today announced that it has signed a Lottery Internal Control System (ICS) services contract for a USA state lottery which is the first to include the upgrade to Spectra's Premier ICS package with higher service and software development capabilities. The contract has an initial term of one year and includes nine additional one-year contract extension options.

"Over the past year, Spectra has worked in close partnership with the leading three lottery system suppliers to introduce its higher capability ICS system for the benefit of lotteries in many of our current jurisdictions throughout the world," said Spectra Systems President and CEO Nabil Lawandy.

With this first adoption of our expanded Premier ICS package, Spectra will supply a state lottery with a secure, high-speed data platform which provides a critical independent role in auditing and securing their gaming platforms.

About Spectra
Spectra Systems, headquartered in Providence, RI, is a leading provider of machine-readable banknote authentication and gaming security technology with manufacturing and engineering facilities in East Providence, RI and Vancouver, BC Canada. Spectra Systems is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) since July of 2011.