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Pari-mutuel Solutions

Pari-mutuel Solutions The Integrity Pari-mutuel Monitoring System is a powerful, secure and independent application that meets the demanding monitoring and auditing requirements of the Pari-mutuel industry. The Integrity Pari-mutuel Monitoring System monitors every wagering transaction flowing through the totalizator system in real-time to independently provide checks on the validity of each transaction, calculation of payout prizes and confirmation of winning tickets. Integrity provides for centralized database of wagering information that makes it easy to share data across industry and makes it cost effective to comply with pari-mutuel regulation.

By facilitating authoritative and timely continuous monitoring and reporting tools, Integrity Pari-mutuel Monitoring System helps you address some of the key risk areas facing the pari-mutuel industry,

Integrity Pari-mutuel Monitoring System Benefits and Advantages:

  • End to end visibility into all pari-mutuel betting activity
  • Independent monitoring of all pari-mutuel activities in real-time
  • Immediate auditing of all payouts, commissions and breakages
  • Automatic Compliance checking of pari-mutuel regulations and license conditions
  • Powerful Investigative Capabilities