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Licensing & Joint Development

Spectra's core capabilities in optical materials has led to a diverse set of materials and hardware based technologies for a number of applications and markets outside of Banknote and Product Authentication. Several of these technologies have been evaluated and are currently protected by patents.

These include:

  1. Sources for photo-medicine and Low Light Therapy
    • Laser sources
    • Chemiluminescent sources (PhotoPatch) View PDF
    Licensing & Joint Development

  2. Marking the play-side of Optical Discs (MediaCoat)
    • Branding
    • Anti-piracy
    Licensing & Joint Development

  3. Stabilization of food dyes for beverages
  4. Licensing & Joint Development

  5. Enhanced vision technology for robotics
  6. Licensing & Joint Development
    Bundled flat mail coated with Spectra Systems' optical material. Image on the left as seen without spectral filtering, and the image on the right is the same bundle as seen with appropriate spectral filtering to enhance viewing of the strapping.

  7. Micro-optical elements, arrays and diffractive optics rapidly fabricated by laser heating of absorbing glasses
  8. Licensing & Joint Development

Spectra Systems is looking for corporate and institutional partners to commercialize these technologies. We are interested in maximizing the value of this IP through either direct licensing, joint ventures and marketing arrangements.

Spectra is also ready to partner with other companies as well as government institutions, including central banks, as well as military and intelligence organizations, to develop new technology. Give us your problem and we will solve it within the confines of our secure and cleared facilities.

For inquiries on licensing, joint development and joint commercialization, please contact:

Jim Cherry
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